RIP Grandpa

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Saddening news as I found out my grandpa in Cambodia has recently passed away. His health, his flesh… has failed. Two years ago, Selina and I got a chance to go on a mission to Cambodia under the Navigators to work among our natural networks and ministry to the family. My grandpa blessed our relationship and gave us his wisdom. Before his passing, Selina and I got to see him via Skype. He remembered our wedding date but all other memory was fading. All of this, reminded me that our flesh will deteriorate. Our lives will pass, earthly things will pass, our stupid house will pass, stupid electronics, cars .. will pass…. Who cares about those things. Then it triggered me. It all points back that there is a god,’s the God… the God who sent His Son to die for all of us so we may ‘know’ Him and receive His Grace… wait…not to know Him to get stuff and more stuff here on earth… but to know Him of an unconditional love, that He is enough and that there is peace when we trust, there is genuine love, no more tears, pain, no more dying. Our flesh may fail, but God will never fail. It’s when we arrive at Eternity Shore and death is just a memory.!!..blahalbhahdhfdf sigh….love to grandpa and the family. Prayers for you guys. Prayers. Love you very much… trust in the Lord.


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