What’s impossible with man, is possible with God.

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Jesus….I don’t want anything! coming in between! you.and.me!

At first I wanted to volunteer at Operation Christmas. Unfortunately, the slots filled up very quickly.   However, God started to press something on my heart. As you know the church has been inviting the refugees to join various activites such as tutoring, fall festival, and thanksgiving.  I soon realized Christmas was coming and wanted to do something special for them.  Then God painted a picture for me.  A picture of gifts for the kids also like Operation Christmas.  However, I didn’t want to because it seemed impossible. Despite my doubt, I brought up the project to the members of the church. Everyone agreed and was excited.  As we planned, I started to encounter flashback. I remembered when I was a kid as a refugee, I would get gifts from my church. That brought happiness to me and I didn’t really know what Christmas was about! On a Sunday, I was encouraged by some members to speak to the church for support. I presented a project and asked about providing shoe boxes, toys, and various small items. Then suddenly, money was donated, shoe boxes, toys and clothes started piling up.  It was possible! Like doubting Thomas, I was doubting again. How can we get 40-50 shoe boxes in time for these kids?  At the time, we only had about 14.  Then the shoe boxes started piling up. Toys were enough. Mittens, hats, pjs, etc were donated. This has to be God’s provision! Oh I praise Him. God showed up.  And my wife was the biggest encouragement to me who’ve kept  me moving forward on this God’s project.  She knew it was possible, but I didn’t.  And God came through.  Everyone packed items into the shoe boxes and wrapped the boxes up together.  All I gotta say is… what’s impossible with man, is possible with God.

Please pray for us as we are going to distribute the gifts to the houses one by one. We hope to pray and build relationship with them. May God be glorified!




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