Operation Possible

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Yesterday, we were blessed to have the opportunity to serve the refugees in the apartment complex behind our church. A month ago, I had little doubt that we will get 50 shoe boxes with toys. But praise God because He good as we obtained a little over 50 boxes filled with items. All of this came from a burden that God pressed on my heart. The youth and young adults came together and worked on this project. Ahhh! God is at work. The Holy Spirit is wonderful.

Our first stop was at Hinh Hinh, Ninh Ninh and Cho San’s apartment.  They are our regular students at our weekly Tuesday tutoring session.  With their help, they lead us to each family and as we handed out gifts to the kids, their face lit up as bright as the sun and a smile appeared from their mouth.  Many of these families are refugees and due to financial difficulties, many of these kids never received a Christmas gift before.  Thanks be to God for the opportunity to serve our community, especially during a time when most people are so focus on themselves or their loved ones that they tend to forget about the less fortunate.  Im so proud of our youth and young adult for coming together to help make this possible for these families!  Praise be to God!Image


Sobe and Selina


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