Month: January 2014

the Joy in trusting God

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It’s been tough hearing news that you don’t want to hear, especially about work. Yesterday, was that day! However, it’s been such a joy trusting in God. I’m going to trust Him with my all. I am  going to show God that I can trust Him. I am going to nail it! You betcha!

But I just want to cry sometimes…

Even though it’s a pain, I will trust Him. Even though it hurts, I will trust Him. Even though I don’t know the outcome, I will trust Him.  I’m not going to be big-headed and say it easy to trust Him… because the inside, I want to cry, wrap myself up and hide. But yet I know there’s better thing with God when we lean on Him. Right now, how am I feeling? Man, so much joy and peace.    

Can you pray for me and my spouse? Just pray for God’s will in our lives. That’s it.


Thank you,




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I don’t know if you understand what my heart is feeling.

My passion is that the world may know Jesus Christ and that God will be glorified. I don’t care! I want the world to know that God exists and He is Holy and Just. He is sovereign. He is patient. He is super slow to anger. He is awesomely powerful. And yes, He has a wrath side to Him. But He is a very loving God. I’m just going to ramble on here… I think. I hate-hate-hate so much that the churches of today love to sugar coat the bible just so that they can keep audiences and bring more of them. I’m not saying we shouldn’t bring more people to church. I am saying, what is our motive? Think! When I say audiences, I mean it. Do the churches view people as the body of Christ or just another audience? Are we trying to strengthen the body of Christ and bring people to salvation and send them out on a mission, or are we trying to bring more audiences so that they can fill the room and give tithes? Nowadays, the church loves to preach on love. Oh the fluffy messages. While it is true that the bible teaches us about love, there are other sides of the story. I bet you most churches don’t preach on the wrath of God that backs up by love.

Lately, I have been in distressed. I look at the world’s view in social media from the disgusting comments to hearing and receiving responses just blatantly ridiculing the deity of Christ. I went to an NFL game for the panthers and 49ers’ playoff just yesterday because a friend gave me two free tickets. While being in the crowd, I heard a lot of cursing, excessive drinking, and just God’s name being used in an utter disgusting ways. Yes it was cool that a pastor prayed before the game, but… sigh, no comment. I see churches everywhere, every corner, every street, oh just everywhere. But what good is the church?

Then I think about the Super Bowl. Read some article talking about human trafficking at the Super Bowl. Seriously? Where’s humanity?

I am saddened by prosperity gospel. I am saddened by TV evangelical healers who only wants to deceive people for money and their own personal gain. I am tired. I am heart-broken. I am tired of hearing about Christians believing that loving people means to tolerate their behavior and to accept for who they are. While it is true to some degree to accept them, I believe we’re distorting what love is. Jesus came to earth, loved the people but also preached and spoke the TRUTH. I mean He spoke the TRUTH to the point that people cringed. But now in this society, we can’t speak the truth or else someone will get offended and calls it discrimination. By no means am I saying that we should reject or hate gays. All I am saying is, why aren’t the Christians grounded/rooted in the Truth/Faith? It’s important that we stay rooted. We can love people and stay rooted in God’s word! Loving people, does not mean tolerating sin. Remember, God HATES sin but He LOVES us… very much.

At times, I dislike Christians and love more of non-believers. Maybe this is why some “christians” turn away from Christ and just doesn’t go to church anymore. They hate what Christians are doing. This reminds me of the Lukewarm passage in Revelation. By the way, it is sad that society seems to disregard the book of Revelation. Too scared? Lame.

And what’s the deal with “God is leaning in MY directions, MY favor?” Then next day, your attitude on life is like low. It was never your direction. I was aching when I saw someone’s status. No look! It’s not about you. It’s about a Holy and Almighty powerful sovereign God that you lean-to Him, His way.

Then I look at myself. I am disgusting. The sin in me, dislike! Reminds me of Romans 7:14. You get the point. I do not deserve Him. But He loves me. He forgives me. Because of that I strive to be OBEDIENT to the Lord and accept His Grace and consider myself a child of the One True King. I don’t want to be a person that sins and ask God for forgiveness and sins and ask God for forgiveness. I want to get it right! But yes we will fail at times. I don’t want our lives to be careless. I don’t want people to think just because you’re covered under grace does not mean you can do sinful things. No! Because of God’s grace, we ought to strive for EXCELLENCE.

In conclusion, all I need to remember is that God is sovereign. I remembered a story that Frances Chan used. He told how he was playing an arcade game with his little daughter. His daughter holds the controller while he holds the controller on top of his daughter’s hands. In the end, they beat the monster or whatever they were playing. The child goes yay thinking she did something but when she didn’t do anything. He illustrates this by showing that God is in total control and does not need our help. He has already got it covered. God’s got it! But God wants us to be a part of His plan. He wants us to ride and work gloriously for His Kingdom on an amazing journey with Him. Through all the courses, we truly see God’s hand at work. We see beauty like never before. That doesn’t mean I’m going to slack off and sit at home as a bum. It just means, we need not to be in distressed, but to trust God. Simple! Like have you ever hear stories on how God was at work right there and then? I want that! We got to keep pursing God’s heart like king David. We’ve got to be obedient and serve one another in love through the Truth.