Deny Self, Pick Up Cross Daily

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I am sorry that we have not updated our blog.

I have been kind of sad. Sometimes when you find out that you’re not going to have a job in 18 more days, you start to feel unmotivated to do stuff. The other part is, not knowing what the next move is like say…. third-world mission. I have been teared up from the past mission videos. Yet, there’s mortgage to pay off. There’s car payments. And there’s more. When will we ever go oversea? Heck, I don’t even know for sure if God has called us to that. We just have to remember to deny ourselves and pick up our cross daily.

I am looking forward to visiting RTS Seminary school. I understand that Seminary school can be a very scary place. I even heard some folks just distanced themselves from Christ. I truly believe I am not going that route. For such a long time, I have stuck to the Lord because I know He is the Almighty. Whether I would think my thinking make sense or not, His thinking will make more sense because He is God. I will never know the totality of His plan. But I’m going to be rest assured He is God. But hey, it’s all in God’s hand whether I’m accepted to seminary or whether God have me somewhere else. Praise Him anyways!

I have been applying for jobs. At the same time, I have to remain calm and trust God wherever He puts me. Though I am sad. 😦

So what’s been happening with me and Selina?

Saturday February 1, we volunteered at a friend’s ministry, teaching English to the Napali refugees. We also help set up coats drive for them. They were filled with joy getting jackets to wear. After helping teach English, my wife, one other youth, and I went to pass out jackets that were given to us to give to a Montagnard family at the backyard of our church. We visited Nin Nin family’s home and conversed while they dig through the boxes for the coat they like. They were hospitable and their mom cooked eggrolls for us. Later that day, we took the three kids to Chuckee Cheese because we don’t think they go out and have fun much. I’m not a Chuckee Cheese person, but the expression on the kids face brightened up the day while we were there. They were having a great time. Our goal was to build relationship.

On Saturday February 8, we volunteered again at my friend’s ministry. Later that same day, we brought plates, cups, and more clothes to the Montagnard family that we received from my friend’s ministry because they do not need it. This time, we set up boxes outside and all of their friends came out and picked out items. Two little boys came up acted like they did not need anything because they were “rich”. I was a little shocked but I know they were just ashamed. I wanted to tell them that I was a refugee myself and that my family started from scratch – but was given helped from a great Sponsor. Anyhow, ended up throwing footballs with the two boys. It was pretty cool.

Selina and I don’t know where this is going, but we believe God could be preparing us for something greater. Maybe oversea mission? I sure hope so. Praise God as always.


Please continue to pray for us.



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