Month: March 2014

Use me

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The 28th was the last day of work. I’ve been bumming.  I did find a job that starts on the 24th of this month, but why am I not excited? Maybe, because I want to do something church related. I can’t believe members of my church think I should be a part-time youth coordinator or______ (fill in the blank). That’s crazy! To teach and share the message? I do love teaching if I know more in-depth of the bible. Maybe, that’s why I’m longing for seminary? I want to be able to use my biblical studies to share and also put towards third-world mission. And heck, I just want to learn. Oh, can you believe it, I’m not afraid to go to the backyard of the church filled with refugees. One step at a time all brought to you by God’s strength. 🙂

I hope I did the part that God wanted me to do. In every way, I tried to find that open door to share God with the co-workers. I realized there were quite a few believers or “believers”. Lots of memories sharing the God-moment and testimonies, and just many other biblical stuff. Oh I didn’t forget before leaving the workplace, I’ve made it known to the director and upper management about how I am into mission and church related, just to hope for an open door to speak about how God has been good. 

So what now? I am a bit sad with this transition. I’ve been sharing my hearts out to my wife. I want God to use me, use us! More.