Month: August 2016

We closed.

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What a delightful day.  Am I that excited ?  Hah. 

Selina and I closed on the house that we both really like, a beautiful 2003 ranch home. Our realtor Kevin Fu helped us through prayer and guidance on the stressful process.(I recommend him as your realtor on your next big purchase.) However, State Credit Union was a pain. Rather getting the house to close 30 days, it jumped to 45 days, and then to 50 days. Our loan officer lacked interest who never kept us updated. We had to chase for answers and spent time off work trying to get the papers together. Sure, we were frustrated, but we had to slow to anger, and calm our hearts and be patient -remembering that God leads, we follow. 

So why am I “hah” and not ecstatic about a house? Because mission across the sea is very dearing to me. I stressed it many times to Selina how much it hurts that we are not over there. Selina encourages me that God will take us there. “Don’t fret,” she says. A house can be an investment to rent out or sell out. It has its pros and cons. We just don’t want to be tied down, and having an apartment only makes us throw money away. So it looks like God opened door in this area for us.

On a side note, sometimes I come across believers who kill the joy.  I understand that the people groups are coming to the states, but I also know that America has churches at almost every corner and the opportunity is massive. However, know that, that there are people out in the jungle who don’t even have access to the Gospel!  The Bible says, the Gospel must be preached unto ALL the nations and the end will come! I do understand that people are called differently. And that’s totally ok and correct. But it is very important to not kill other people’s joy that God has placed on their hearts. 

Oh yes, in God’s timing. That is why we chose a 5 year adjustable rate mortgage. And we gave ourselves 5 years in general. Which also means I need to sharpen my IT skills in the workplace with years of experience so that I can use that in mission. And for Selina to form her skills in teaching, maybe? We would like to have a kid early between those years as well. We also want to be trained better in the Word and to continue to do more cross cultural ministry. In addition, we want to build relationship if we are soon to become member at Desiring God. (By the way we have a membership class tomorrow 8/27/16.) That sounds about right, right? — as I’ve confirmed with many respected leaders…but you know God, He’s the author of our lives.  He leads, we follow.

I hear many times, when God wants you there, He will get you there. Now that, that, soothes the heart.

So it seems like this emotion is very burdenly-sappy-with joy. Weird –

So please pray for us. We are going to live very simple in our home. And we want it to be a home for missionaries, for discipleship and cross cultural ministry. Pray that we break our inner introvertness and be energized when God place people in front of us.

We also need prayer for God’s will in all of this. And most importantly for us and other body of believers to have a heart for His peopleS.

In Christ,