Desiring God

Desiring God

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Life has been crazy (and good) these past few months.

Perspectives has been a challenging and God’s glory driven course. (Since 2004 after I went on a mission to Cambodia with my youth group, I was filled with a burden. The burden only gotten stronger in 2008 after we went on another.) So during the Perspectives course, I told my wife how fitting it is for us to learn about the different people groups, die to ourselves, and embrace God’s passion for His Name sake. The 15 weeks courses changed the way we see things from January through May. We understood the importance of God’s glory and the unconditional love for His peopleS. We learned how it is not about us. It’s not about our wants of house floor colorings, or if the picture looks good on this or that wall. It’s about God. It’s about His glory. It’s about God inviting us to be part of His mission for the peopleS! Now, my wife and I are passionately driven and confirmed in this calling.

Some time in Spring on a Saturday morning, we participated in a T4T class through Desiring God Community Church. We learned about how to share the gospel through the 2 kingdoms of Good and evil. After the 7 hours long class, we split up and went to a neighborhood to share the Gospel door to door. It was frightening at first, but it was a start. There were a lot of Hindus that live in the apartments. My wife, a friend whom we met, and I all froze after knocking on a door of a Hindu family. We found out language barrier is going to be the obstacle.  A couple of door to door knocks landed us with a teenager whom we shared the two Kingdoms with. It was weird at first, but it’s a start!

After 15 weeks of Perspectives, my wife and I started attending Desiring God Community Church. Just so you know, we prayed about wanting  to grow in the Word, and if leaving our home church was the right thing to do. We consult with some respected leaders and shared our burdens. We felt we needed to grow in a different environment, when one day, it was all God when He pointed us to another church right under our nose while taking the Perspectives course. The message at the church was genuinely solid, the church was mission-minded, opportunities for cross cultural ministry, serve, and all for living passionately for the Glory of God. We are attending Desiring God Community Church of Charlotte for about 2 months now, as well as their weekly Wednesday small groups.

Through this journey, I have been meeting up with respective leaders, people who are mission-minded and are solid in the Word. In addition, I am continuing to meet with my mentor who goes to Calvary Church.  This too, I prayed for. I am also looking to start talking to missionaries, networking and connecting with them, and seeing their perspectives on servant leadership in the mission field. The best way for me is to be a humble learning student, take notes, and study from these respected folks whom God has blessed.

I could go on and on… but there’s just too much. I hope that this blog will help my wife and I  to grow as we look back and see the beautiful plan of God.

These are some things you guys can pray for us:

  • Pray that it is God’s passion and will for us to be confirmed as members of Desiring God Community Church.
  • Pray for the house (we are buying) that is currently under-contract, that this is all God’s will even if it doesn’t go through. We’ve joined a 5 year ARM program so that we won’t be tied down and sell when God open doors to mission. Pray that the house (if it goes through or if it is not) will be glorifying to Him.
  • Pray that my wife and I will be equipped, trained, and engage in cross cultural ministry as we continue to pursue long term oversea mission. (Every day, I tell my wife how my heart aches to be in Cambodia to serve humbly together.)
  • Pray that we both will continue to die to ourselves so that we can spread for the supremacies of God in all things for the joy of all the peopleS.
  • Pray that our hearts will be ready when we do start making a family in God’s timing.

Thank you and God bless