the Joy in trusting God

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It’s been tough hearing news that you don’t want to hear, especially about work. Yesterday, was that day! However, it’s been such a joy trusting in God. I’m going to trust Him with my all. I am  going to show God that I can trust Him. I am going to nail it! You betcha!

But I just want to cry sometimes…

Even though it’s a pain, I will trust Him. Even though it hurts, I will trust Him. Even though I don’t know the outcome, I will trust Him.  I’m not going to be big-headed and say it easy to trust Him… because the inside, I want to cry, wrap myself up and hide. But yet I know there’s better thing with God when we lean on Him. Right now, how am I feeling? Man, so much joy and peace.    

Can you pray for me and my spouse? Just pray for God’s will in our lives. That’s it.


Thank you,



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